Mobile Shopping – nationally and globally on the rise

Smartphones are the ultimate shopping tool – that is what currently the Mobile Communications Association 2018 [1] of the Mobile Marketing Association Austria shows. Shopping via mobile phone is already common practice, especially among young people. Current figures also show that willingness to use mobile shopping continues to increase.

According to the study of the Mobile Marketing Association, 55 percent of mobile Internet users have already bought a product or made a booking via their smartphone. Men are the more common shoppers, showing a slightly higher number. Among youngsters (15-29), mobile shopping is no longer an exception, but already firmly established: 69% have at least once bought something via their smartphone. In comparison, the number of over-60s drops to 35%.

Mobile Shopping - a global phenomenon

Similar results are reported in a global study by the Internet Advertising Bureau [2]: Just under a quarter of respondents from 19 countries are already shopping at least once a week using a mobile device and 43% per month.

The most popular category among smartphone shoppers in Austria (48%) as well as globally (46%) is fashion. Other popular categories include electronics and travel.

China and Turkey are the most developed in terms of mobile shopping. Almost half of the respondents already buy daily or weekly via their smartphone. For European countries, the UK has the most weekly mobile buyers.

Source: IAB Austria

Source: IAB Austria

China is also leading the ranking in terms of mobile payment methods: so-called mobile wallets, specific apps for payment on mobile devices, already have a penetration of 47 percent in China, followed by Norway (42%) and the UK (25%).

Motivators and barriers

Looking at the motives of consumers [2] when it comes to mobile shopping, there are clear trends in both the reasons for and against smartphone shopping.

Why consumers use mobile shopping:

• Consumer friendliness (49% see it as a driving reason)

• Time savings (46%)

• Price advantages (34%)

Source: IAB Austria

Source: IAB Austria

These are reasons against buying via smartphone:

• Missing demand (31%)

• Security (21%)

• Privacy (21%)

Consequently, these key concerns need to be addressed to ensure the continued growth of mobile commerce.

Mobile devices: direct purchase channel and research tool

Mobile devices serve as a direct purchase channel as well as a research tool to aid purchases on other channels. As the Mobile Communications Report reveals, the top activities of mobile shoppers are active shopping but also searching shops and products or price comparison. In the past six months, 66% of smartphone users researched and compared prices for products and 65% searched for or researched a product.

Engagement with mobile advertising

Mobile advertising is a clear way to connect with consumers. According to the study by the Internet Advertising Bureau around three-quarters of mobile shoppers previously interacted with a mobile ad by clicking on it. The intentions behind it: to get more information, ro get directed to the company website, to make a purchase immediately or to share the info with friends [2].

Satisfaction available, willingness to buy is rising

According to figures from the global Mobile Commerce Report, the prospects for mobile shopping are rosy: On a global average, 80% of respondents were very satisfied or satisfied with their shopping experience on their mobile devices. 62% said they would like to make more purchases on the mobile device in the next six months.

Source: IAB Austria

Source: IAB Austria

[1] Mobile Communications Report 2018 (Mobile Marketing Association Austria)

[2] Mobile Commerce: A Global Perspective (Internet Advertising Bureau, 2017)

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