The hotspots of mobile advertising

Why mobile marketplaces provide the perfect advertising platform

Mobile advertising has become more important than ever for those who want to reach their customers in the mobile age. On average, we now access our smartphone more than 200 times a day.

When it comes to shopping, many users prefer mobile shopping on their phones. The advantages are obvious: It’s faster, easier and always at hand.

Shopping online

  • 83% of online shoppers use their smartphone or tablet to shop
  • Frequent online shoppers spend 25% more money than regular online shoppers
  • Shopping-related searches have grown by 120% in 20171

Online shops, shopping apps and especially mobile marketplaces offer the perfect platform for mobile advertising. The main reason: the level of acceptance of advertising is particularly high among users of those platforms. Those who shop online expect ads to pop up and are very open towards them.  When it comes to free apps, the counter-financing model of advertising is understood and well accepted.2

Big potential: in-app advertising in shopping apps

In-app ads offer great potential for mobile advertising. App users are expected to double to 6.3 billion users worldwide by 2021. 3  In addition to that, the leading apps in German-speaking countries are shopping apps and mobile marketplaces.

The big advantage of in-app advertising: users deliberately decide to download an app and therefore perceive it as high quality. As soon as they create their own accounts and share their personal data within the app, they give the app high credibility. Thus, their loyalty towards the app is high and therefore offers an ideal advertising environment. A mobile marketplace like Shpock also provides this kind of credibility. Once a user decides to use Shpock, he/she will develop into a permanent, loyal user, who regularly uses the app.

  • Interest in Shopping: Mobile marketplaces offer the perfect target groups advertisers are looking for. Their willingness to shop and receptiveness to information about various products are both high, leading to a strong purchase intent.
  • Advertising Acceptance: Shopping enthusiasts expect to be confronted with ads on these platforms, they accept them and are more willing to interact with the ads.


Targeting is another big advantage of in-app advertising. Due to the transparency of the user journey in the app, it is possible to tailor the ads exactly to the needs of the respective shopper. If a user is interested in a car, he/she is also very likely to be interested in car insurance, winter tyres, etc. This form of personalised advertising is not only an advantage for advertisers, but also for the users themselves because they want personalised advertising that meets their needs. 54% of consumers prefer personalised advertising and find it even more appealing than other forms of advertising. 4  This offers great potential to increase the ROI.

So those who want to reach their customers in the modern age of apps, have to place their ads where the shopping enthusiasts and information-seeking users can be found: mobile marketplaces. This is where advertises have the best opportunity to reach their respective target audiences and therefore achieve their desired results.

About Shpock – the marketplace of the new generation

Shpock is a mobile marketplace that brings millions of private buyers and sellers and local businesses together. Shpock has more than 10 million active users and over 2 billion page impressions. These numbers and regular #1 rankings in the App & Google Play Store in 6 countries (UK, Germany Italy, Austria, Sweden and Norway) make Shpock one of Europe’s most dominant shopping apps.