Benefits of mobile advertising

10 reasons why you should focus on mobile advertising

Mobile advertising has become one of the most important advertising formats for advertisers. The benefits are obvious. Compared to conventional online advertising, mobile advertising offers many new possibilities, such as targeting, individualized advertising or the precise measurability of campaigns.

We have summarized the top 10 reasons why you should engage in mobile advertising.

  1. Costs: Mobile advertising is much cheaper than TV, radio or print advertising. Therefore, more people can be reached on the same budget.
  2. Targeting: Mobile advertising enables precise targeting without expensive waste coverage by reaching the preferred target groups directly.
  3. Reach: 85% of Brits already use a smartphone [1]. Mobile devices, therefore, are one of the most important media outlets offering a potentially high number of users. They make a large target group very reachable.
  4. Accessibility: Nowadays consumers have their phone at hand wherever they are and can therefore receive information that is important to them regardless of their location. This means advertisers can reach them whenever and wherever, enabling them to be in contact with their target group at all times.
  5. Measurability: The impact of mobile advertising campaigns can be measured directly. As they are displayed online, the results are directly accessible. Advertising platforms such as Shpock are constantly offering their costumers reports in order to make a campaign’s success measurable.
  6. Time: Compared to other media outlets and different forms of advertising, target groups can be reached much faster via their mobile phones. Smartphones are always turned on, therefore users can be reached at all times.
  7. Personalisation: Mobile advertising can be customized according to user preferences. Advertisers can use this to their advantage and increase the brand loyalty of their costumers by learning more about their personal interests and their environment, subsequently offering them a highly personalised advertising experience.
  8. Convenience: Mobile devices are convenient to use, which also benefits advertisers. Due to the small screen size, advertising content requires a simple and clear message. The creators of the content must limit themselves to the essentials.
  9. Microblogging & Viral Potential: Content can be easily shared on mobile devices, thus creating viral effects which are a huge benefit to mobile marketing. Users also use microblogging sites like Twitter or Facebook to share interesting content and engage with their peers.
  10. Unrestricted Creativity: Video advertising, banners, understitials, interstitials, interactive ads, etc. - mobile advertising formats have no limits and allow advertisers to exploit their full creative potential.

Mobile advertising offers many different possibilities to generate the maximum number of clicks and leads. What is most important for advertisers when it comes to engaging in this special


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