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Imagine you would have to give up your smartphone for a whole week. Inconceivable? No need to worry, you are not alone. According to a recent survey, living without a mobile phone is an absolute no go for 81% of the population, only lower than going without family (87%). The importance of smartphones in everyday life, especially for millennials, is reflected in their user behavior. 14 to 29 year olds grab their smartphones on average just three minutes after waking up. Compared to the 50 to 69 year-olds, who let 15-30 minutes pass before they check their phone. [1]

Doubling instead of standstill

While the usage time of traditional media such as print, radio or TV has hardly changed since 2014, the use of mobile devices will almost double by 2019. Mobile devices are less and less perceived as a second screen and are becoming the focus of media usage - this also increases their importance for marketing and advertising.


Media Usage Time
(daily in minutes)

Source: emarketer

Source: emarketer

It is all the more surprising that this change in media usage has not yet been reflected in advertising spending. If we compare the advertising expenses with the usage times of the different channels, it‘s quite obvious that in Austria and Germany the majority of the advertising budget is still being spent on traditional print advertising, while the budget for mobile advertising is significantly lower. On the other hand, in the UK, the importance of mobile advertising is already evident and makes up the biggest part of the media budget.


Media Usage Time vs. Ad Spending

Source: emarketer

Source: emarketer

In addition to usage statistics, there are more reasons why mobile advertising is important. The advantages of this advertising form are quite obvious:

  • Fast Accessibility

  • Wider Reach

  • Measurability and Targeting Options

  • Many more

While users and potential customers have already discovered the multifaceted world of the smartphone, it is now up to advertisers to recognise the countless possibilities of this underestimated channel and to use them purposefully and successfully for themselves and their products.


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