Shpock is the marketplace of the smartphone generation. Our users are young mobile natives who love shopping and exploring new things. Anywhere. Anytime. 



Shpock — Shop in Your Pocket

Shpock allows people to discover beautiful things in their neighbourhood and sell stuff they no longer need in seconds. Launched in 2012, we have been one of the first mobile classifieds platforms available in the market. Today, Shpock has a rapidly growing  and engaged community of more than 12 million monthly active users, and is one of the top free boot sale apps in the market.

The Smartphone Generation in a Shopping Mood

Shpock has a young, curious and mobile-first user base, who love exploring new things - everyday.  People who browse on Shpock are truly in a shopping mood and are particularly valuable to advertisers.

Mobile Experts for Professional Advice

Our innovative startup spirit enables us to create advertising solutions that are both engaging for our users and impactful for our advertising partners. We create ad products that truly work in a mobile-first world. Let us share our mobile expertise with you and together boost your advertising!


The Shpock community currently counts more than 12 million monthly active users and is rapidly growing. Our users are …




65% of our users are under 35 years old.
Of all our registered users, 52% are female 48% are male.


Mobile Natives

The smartphone is their first screen and a truly personal item. It is an essential part of everyday life and constantly in use.



Our users are curious and love to discover. They advise their peers and are early adopters of trends and new products.


On Social Media

Being active on multiple social media platforms is a given for our users. They love sharing their experiences with others.


In A Shopping Mood

When browsing on Shpock and exploring beautiful things nearby, our users are driven by an immediate buying intention.


Meet some of our typical user personas below …


Our precise targeting options ensure that you will confidently reach your audience on Shpock. These options also guarantee that our users get to see content that is truly relevant and engaging for them.







Search term
Action (buy/sell)

Product based

Product price


At Shpock, we live and breathe innovation every day. Our teams work closely together to design the best advertising solutions — for you and our users.





Shpock Tip

Let’s join forces to impress our users with your message. We place your ad at the absolute #1 position in our app and give it a Shpock-touch. The customised design and the exclusive positioning of the Shpock Tip guarantee outstanding user attention.




Native Ad (Discover Screen)

This native ad seamlessly integrates into the look-and-feel of our app, ensuring a smooth advertising experience. It is shown directly on the discover screen, where our users’ curiosity and will to explore new things are particularly high.





Native Ad (Item Screen)

By placing a native ad on the item screen, your creative is seen in a particularly ideal moment. It appears exactly when the user explores a desired item and when their buying intention is at its peak. Combined with category or keyword targeting, this format delivers outstanding results.




Native Video Ad

The native video ad appears on the discover screen and combines the benefits of both native and video advertising. It entirely respects the overall user experience and conveys your message in an impactful and entertaining way.




Medium Rectangle

The medium rectangle is an impactful ad placed on the item screen of a users’ smartphone. This means, that your ad appears in a context where the user has a strong buying intention. 





Placed directly in the Shpock news section, this classic advertisement format attracts plenty of user attention.



In addition to mobile ad formats, we offer the following advertising options on our website.




Medium Rectangle

Placed within the website content, the medium rectangle attracts a lot of attention.




The classic superbanner is placed at the top of the website, therefore it is one of the first impressions capturing the attention of our users.





The large and prominent placement of the billboard is ideal for branding campaigns and achieves a particularly high reach.




The skyscraper is positioned right next to the website content. This format is also available as a sticky ad which ensures that it always stays within the viewpoint of the user.



Halfpage Ad

This large format is presented on the right side of the page and guarantees impactful advertising. Similar to its smaller sister  — the skyscraper   — the halfpage ad is also available with a sticky option.




The hockeystick incorporates two phenomenal branding tools. This combination of billboard and halfpage ad encircles the entire content and leaves a strong brand impression.




The ultimate branding weapon allows you to brand the entire website background and combine it with a billboard above the content. This format is ideal to leverage strong co-branding effects with Shpock.



Our DNA is digital, but we know that sometimes it is convenient to have a hard copy ready for your next meeting. Download our latest media kit below.


Media Kit

In our media kit you will find information on:

  • Audience
  • Targeting
  • Formats
  • Technical specifications & prices
  • Contact

Get in touch with us and let us know how we can help you. We are excited to speak with you and boost your online advertising!

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